Dear Bowhaus Buddies, all of our services are back including GROOMING. Please book your appointments online or on the phone! We are only accepting dogs at CURBSIDE/PARKING LOT. Please give the store a call upon your arrival at 626-229-9835! We are not out of the woods yet but at least our pups can be safely and happily served! Thank you, everyone, for your patience and understanding through all of this!

NEW Bowhaus Bungalows

Welcome to the Bungalows by the Bowhaus Pet Company. We believe that best friends deserve the best care. This is fundamental with our team and it carries on with all of our services. You and your fur-friend will find that these foundations of care are serviced with value added amenities, customized care, and a balanced environment.

Every pet parent can be rest assured that their pup will have the plays, the eats, and the rests he/she needs. While all of our guests will get the best care, our Bungalows provide just a little extra for those needing an overnight stay. Come on in and make yourself at home at the Bungalows by the Bowhaus Pet Company.

Dog bungalows